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Kudos to all those who help make Teen Wolf a reality.  It is so refreshing to see a television show that does not run to the extreme stereotypes when depicting human sexuality.

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Aug 6

The Cost of Mandatory Gay Celibacy



Another great commentary from one of my friends. He articulates well why I believe that teaching that all gay people must be celibate is problematic—even from a Theological perspective. One of the things that really convinced me of this back when I was “a good Catholic” was when my prayers for the grace to control my passions continually went unanswered. I became very angry at God and myself as those passions intensified instead of diminishing.

I thought to myself “Well, there must be something wrong with me. Clearly I am not praying enough!” One day while praying at Eucharistic Adoration, something just “clicked” in my mind. Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with me, and God wasn’t abandoning me either. As someone who has been discerning a vocation to the priesthood for many years now, I realized at that point that I simply wasn’t called to celibacy. One of the things my priests always told me was that if I was called to the priesthood, God would provide me with the graces and open the doors to help me grow towards that goal. I felt those graces. I did not, however, feel those graces when it came to celibacy, despite me earnestly trying to find them. I realized the reason I was slowly being driven insane was not because I was resisting God’s Grace, but I was desperately trying to manufacture that grace myself and, ironically, I was turning away from God by doing so.

Again—I do believe some gay people are called to celibacy, just like some straight people are—but I believe that is a very unique vocation which, just like the priesthood, requires a special calling from God and special discernment.

This. Celibacy is only a good thing, when God gives us that unique special calling.

Aug 6

When people tell us to be quiet and accept the conventional answers we’ve been given in the past, many of us groan like the ancient Hebrews when they were forced to produce bricks without straw. We cry out to God, “Please set us free!” We cry out to preachers and theologians, “Let us go! Let us find some space to think, to worship God outside the bars and walls and fences in which we are constrained and imprisoned. We’ll head out into the wilderness — risk hunger, thirst, exposure, death — but we can’t sustain this constrained way of thinking, believing, and living much longer. We need to ask the questions that are simmering in our souls.” So we set out on our quest, our exodus, driven out of familiar territory and into unmapped terra nova by questions stirring in our hearts.


— Brian McLaren

A New Kind of Christianity

pg. 22

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Live, love, be!


Live, love, be!

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Jul 9

If the adage is true that evil persists because good people say nothing, then let those who have fostered such debilitating anti-gay rhetoric be put on notice. Gay Christians are pushing back, reclaiming their faith and standing up for their legitimacy to pursue God. Straight allies, clergy, divinity schools and just plain, ordinary Christian folk are no longer content to sit idly by and let the attenuated, conservative few dictate the terms of how anyone should proceed in their faith.

It is precisely because LGBTs have not lost their faith that this has become an issue. We have refused to be marginalized. We have ceased to be insignificant. We have been valuable friends, families and leaders in our churches. We have added to the spiritual conversation: Who am I that God would be mindful of me? We have brought honor to that conversation and the church is listening.

Jun 7

Do you have pics of yourself? :D


Congratulations on being my first ask, Anon!  Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that people would want to see a picture or maybe a little bit more in the About Me section.  Simply put, this is a subject specific blog.  I created it to be a space where I could speak, share, and reblog the positive message people (especially those who identify as LGBTQ) need to be hearing from Christianity.

Truth be told, I’ve been on Tumblr a little over a year now and I’m still trying to figure out what sort of image or persona I want to have.  I tend to be more reserved in my online interactions mostly because…well, I guess it’s because that’s who I am at the moment.  I suppose you could say I’m trying to work up the confidence to dive right into the whole experience.  Maybe someday soon I will get around to developing my personal blog a little more.  Until then, I ask for your continued patience and grace.

Jun 7
  • God: Trust me you're beautiful.
  • Me: But--
  • God: Nope. Beautiful.
  • Me: But what about-- (Insert insecurities about your looks here.)
  • God: Child, I am your Creator. I only make beautiful things. You are my masterpiece, you are beautiful, and I love you.
Jun 1


My God still speaks.

My God still heals.

My God still comforts.

My God still provides.

My God still creates.

My God still restores.

My God still redeems.

My God still manifests.

My God is I Am.

Not “I Was.”

God in the Brokenness.: This made me tear up a little bit... Change is brewing in the United Methodist Church...


To Bishop Mark Webb, my brother in Christ!

In the spirit of the One who said the truth will set us free, and emboldened by thefreedom given by grace for which Jesus lived and died, I want and need to share with you how God has led me (and many of our colleagues) in ministries to help set at…

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